Back to Life, Back to Reality…

My Loves! It’s time for me to get back to reality. I’ve been MIA from the site for a little while and I’m so sorry! I know you’ve missed me and I appreciate your support. I have some exciting things coming up and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I often don’t talk about my own struggles and that’s about to change. Authenticity is awesome and by sharing my experiences I know that I can help you too. I’ve been struggling with some autoimmune related issues for the past few years and this summer kicked my butt. I spent much of my time trying to reemerge from the exhaustion, ulcers and stress-related illness. I’m on my way to a happier and healthier place but still have some work to do.

I’ve learned how to listen to my body in a profound way and turn down the noise in my mind. Stress kills my friends, stress is the freaking worst when it takes over you physical being. However, being sick and tired of being sick and tired allowed me to get clear on my goals for The Guidance Girl and on my way to creating some really awesome stuff for people of all ages.

Where I’ve Been

Besides trying to kick the stress addiction and heal my body I’ve started to really love making videos as a way to help you learn to feel confident and effective. I’ve been all about the Facebook Live and giving Insta tips on Instagram. Here’s my latest video on how I’ve learned to break-free from worry thoughts and manage emotions. If you want to make sure you’re invited for the Facebook Live Videos (and I want you to be there 🙂 sign up here for my Facebook Group!


Thanks so much for your continued support. In the next week you will be receiving some cool stuff in your inbox and some invites to awesome and empowering events. My mission to empower others is strong as hell and my ideas for changing the world have only become bigger so watch out and keep up with me on social media or drop me a line.

xoxo Em



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Emily Roberts MA, LPC is The Guidance Girl. Her goal is to help YOU become the most confident person you know! Emily is an award-winning author Express Yourself: A Teen Girls Guide to Speaking Up and Becoming Who You Are, Psychotherapist, TV & Media Contributor, Educational Speaker, and parenting consultant. She travels around the country educating girls, women, and parents. Express Yourself is available at bookstores nationwide and on Amazon. To learn more about Emily click here.

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