Influential Women: 7 Strong, Powerful Female Role Models

  • These 7 women are true powerhouses who changed the world. Follow the actions of these powerful, strong and independent female role models for inspiration.

As a woman, I constantly strive to be strong and independent like these powerful female role models—even when I’m seriously doubting that I am either of those two things. Recently, I had a job interview over the phone and worried my voice was too high-pitched and my tone too girly. After a grueling 45 minutes and a shaky ending, I breathed a sigh of relief then mentally scolded myself. I had forgotten a very important thing during the interview: being a strong, independent woman in your field doesn’t mean having a deep voice and a masculine demeanor. The strong female role models I’ve looked to for inspiration would certainly agree. 

Being strong, confident and independent woman means holding your ground when the going gets tough. It means having the confidence and courage to express yourself while molding your own future without the preconceptions society puts upon us.

7 Women You Should Know About

Many female role models have managed to adopt a strong persona while advancing their careers without sacrificing their femininity in traditionally male dominated roles, here are seven of the most inspiring and influential women.

Mother Teresa

Influential women - female role models - mother teresa

Born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, Mother Teresa redefined what it means to be a strong, independent woman in the religious sphere through a lifetime of dedication of helping the poor and sickly. This well-known Catholic nun wasn’t afraid to make her beliefs on birth control and abortion known, earning her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Eva Shockey

The daughter of Jim Shockey, outdoor writer and television producer, is a female hunter that has fiercely made a name for herself in the hunting field. Eva’s passion for adventure landed her on the front cover of Field & Stream and has made her an ideal brand ambassador for HunterCourse, the leading provider of hunter education in North America.

Coco ChanelInfluential women - female role models - Coco Chanel

This iconic fashionista revolutionized women’s clothing in the early 20th century, says TIME. Thanks to Ms. Chanel, we were able to say goodbye to corsets and uncomfortable dresses. We also have her to thank for our two tone ballet flats, quilted handbags and little black dresses. There’s no doubt about it that this designer’s independent spirit defined the fashion industry.

Hillary Clinton

Influential women - female role models - Hillary Clinton

The future first female president, at least, if you ask me, has redefined what being a strong, independent woman is all about through her determination, strength and intelligence. Hillary Clinton was not only elected to the U.S. Senate in 2001, according to Bio, she is also the only American First Lady to hold national office.

Queen Victoria

Listverse ranked Queen Victoria as number one among the greatest women in history and it’s no wonder! As head of the colonial British Empire, Queen Victoria is considered to be one of the greatest female leaders in the world. Plus, she’s the one responsible behind the Victorian Era trend, bringing with it great scientific advancements, like the electric telegraph and steam technology.

Hermione Granger

Influential women - female role models - Hermoine GrangerSure, she’s not technically a real person but Hermione Granger is considered to be one of the most influential female characters in literature. Pair Hermione’s courage and intelligence with actress Emma Watson’s class and charm and you’ve got an unstoppable woman that has changed a male-dominated world in more ways than one, starting with Hermione’s participation in Dumbledore’s Army and ending with Emma’s amazing speech for the HeForShe campaign.

Oprah Winfrey

Influential women - Female role models - Oprah Winfrey

Forbes named Oprah one of the richest people in America with a net worth of $2.9 billion, but that’s not what makes her such a strong female role model. Oprah Winfrey’s humanitarian efforts, including the founding of The Oprah Winfrey Foundation (a free residential school for academically talented girls in disadvantaged areas) is truly what has made her an extraordinary example for womankind.


This post is by our Guest Contributor Lilia Ortiz. She’s  a freelance writer, graphic design student and bookworm with three years of writing and editing experience, particularly on lifestyle, design and tech topics. She edited Pax the Polar Bear, a children’s book on global warming. You can follow Lilia on Twitter @Lilathewriter 


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