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How to Feel More Confident in Any Relationship

If you want to feel confident in a relationship you've gotta read this first. Here are 5 easy ways to become confident in relationships.

In order to feel confident in relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic, you must first feel confident with yourself. It sounds cliché, and yet so many people go into relationships thinking that someone else will complete them, that they’ll automatically feel confident and complete, but that’s BS. The only way …

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Quick Ways to Get Organized and Feel Confident

Want to declutter and get organized this year? Try these quick ways to make sure you stay on top of your to-do list.

It’s time to get organized. The new year, winter weather and time spent inside mean it’s a perfect time to get organized. Whether it be your closet, your pocketbook or your home, when you get organized, you are able to feel more confident, happier and it helps you get things done …

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How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Period

I am a practicing gynecologist and I talk about periods everyday. I also will never forget the day I started mine. I was in the fifth grade, a month away from my eleventh birthday. I came home from school, said hi to my grandmother and my mom, kicked off my Keds, …

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Millennials With a Mission: 5 Women Who Are Changing the World

These powerful women are shaping the future through their passion. Here are 5 millennials changing the world you should know.

Millennials sometimes get a bad rep. They’re often referred to as the selfish and lazy generation. But studies show it’s the most open-minded, inspired and creative generation to date. Millennials want to work together, want to change the world and lead by example. These five amazing women are shaping and changing the world all …

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My First Year of College: 7 Things I Wish I’d Known

The first year of college is a challenging and exciting time. I've been there. Here my 7 tips to make the most of it.

Everyone wants to give you advice about your first year of college. It’s exhausting, I know; I’ve been in your shoes. The truth is that there are some valuable lessons to learn from others so you don’t make the same mistakes. There are many things I wish I’d known in my first …

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Join Emily this Tuesday on Relationships 2.0 with Michelle Skeen

Don't miss Emily Roberts speaking live this Tuesday on Michelle Skeen's Relationships 2.0 about her Express Yourself and online communication, 3pm to 4pm.

Today join two awesome authors, women and communication experts discussing how to be a confident communicator! Don’t miss Emily Roberts speaking this Tuesday with Michelle Skeen, author, psychologist, mom and radio show host.  Emily and Michelle will talk about Emily’s new book Express Yourself and how to communicate effectively in today’s …

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