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Resource Guide For Parents

The teenage years are notoriously stressful for both parents and their daughters. Learn how to support, empower, and guide your daughter through these tricky years with expert advice from professionals and real parent’s words of wisdom. Want to get along with her before she heads off to college, or even the halls of high school, this is where you will find tools to communicate and parent effectively.

Recommended Books for Parents

Princess Recovery
Express Yourself
The Gift of Failure
Redefining Girly
Bloom: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do
Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions
Reviving Ophelia
The Whole-Brain Child
No-Drama Discipline
Queen Bees and Wannabes
The Curse of the Good Girl
Masterminds and Wingmen
The Last Boys Picked
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
The Me, Me, Me Epidemic
If I Have to Tell You One More Time
Parenting from the Inside Out
Trauma-Proofing Your Kids
Trauma Through a Child's Eyes
Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control
The Connected Child
The Parent's Guide to Eating Disorders
Surviving an Eating Disorder
Life Without Ed


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Simple Ways to Improve Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem

Girls today struggle more than ever with self-esteem. Here are five simple ways to improve your daughter's self-esteem.

Girl’s today have more self-esteem problems and pressure than ever before; just ask your daughter about how much she has to juggle these days. Your daughter’s self-esteem is impacted by academics, social media, and friends that are telling her how she should act and the ways she should feel. These …

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Video: 1 in 10 Teens Addicted to Porn

teens addicted to porn

Statistics show 1 in 10 kids aged 12-13 report they are teens addicted to porn. This is dangerous as it rewires their brains. Watch now as Dr. Drew and I talk on HLN about porn and sex addiction. Teens addicted to porn run many risks at this young age. Parents: what …

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Help Your Child Develop Confidence and Self-Esteem

Do you have low self-esteem or know someone that does? Learn how to improve low self-esteem and confidence through these steps.

Want to help your daughter or son develop confidence and healthy self-esteem? Of course you do! Here are some of my most popular parenting posts on HealthyPlace.com.  Many of these posts have been seen thousands of times on HealthyPlace but I haven’t shared them on The Guidance Girl, until now. …

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How Today’s Students Can Excel in Tomorrow’s World

how students can excel

Students in today’s world don’t know what life was like before the internet. For many adults, our go-to information resource used to be the library or our home bookcase stocked with Encyclopedia Britannica editions. Now, no extensive card catalog is needed to look up information. Today’s students have more information …

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Join Me at The Children’s Health & Teen Summit

Stress is everywhere and impacts your child & teen. Join me Nov. 3-10 at Children't Health & Teen Summit for: Our Children Wired, Disconnected, Unreachable?

Stress is everywhere and impacts your child, teen, clients, and your ability to parent effectively. Due to poor diets, stressful lives, high expectations, and a lack of understanding on what a child today needs to thrive, the Children’s Health & Teen Summit was created. Over 27 experts including myself are available online during …

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