A Dating Expert’s Advice for Teens

My niece recently turned 13; she’s officially a teen.  Sure it was momentous occasion for her, but was a cause for concern on my part because of dating. I remember all of my crushes and unrequited loves from my teenage years and to say I needed a bit of guidance back then would be an understatement. Sure, I’m [...]

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Emily Roberts Book Signing at BookCon NYC

Join Emily Roberts this Saturday, May 30th at 11:00 AM for her signing of Express Yourself: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Speaking Up and Being Who You Are at BookCon in New York City. This is a great opportunity to meet the author, ask questions and get a signed copy her upcoming book before the June 1st release. [...]

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Video: 1 in 10 Teens Addicted to Porn

Statistics show 1 in 10 kids aged 12-13 report they are teens addicted to porn. This is dangerous as it rewires their brains. Watch now as Dr. Drew and I talk on HLN about porn and sex addiction. Teens addicted to porn run many risks at this young age. Parents: what are your kids doing with [...]

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How Today’s Students Can Excel in Tomorrow’s World

Students in today’s world don’t know what life was like before the internet. For many adults, our go-to information resource used to be the library or our home bookcase stocked with Encyclopedia Britannica editions. Now, no extensive card catalog is needed to look up information. Today’s students have more information than they know what to [...]

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Join Me at The Children’s Health & Teen Summit

Stress is everywhere and impacts your child, teen, clients, and your ability to parent effectively. Due to poor diets, stressful lives, high expectations, and a lack of understanding on what a child today needs to thrive, the Children’s Health & Teen Summit was created. Over 27 experts including myself are available online during November 3-10th to talk about [...]

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