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You May Be Healthy, But Are You Happy?

Even the healthiest people still suffer from depression and anxiety at times. Find out how to be happy and healthy with these books and advice.

Self-help, happiness, and fixing negative thinking patterns is a big business these days. Chances are you have spent time in the self-help aisle of your bookstore; researched a perfect pill for your symptoms; or a professional who will help you finally achieve that happy and blissful life you’ve been seeking. The …

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Self-Help Books That Teen Girls Will Actually Read

5 Self-help books for teen girls and tween girls that help build confidence and self-esteem. Recommended by real girls and therapists.

It’s hard to find the right book for your daughter, especailly when she gets her stress-reduction from Instagram or texting with friends.  The truth is, many teen girls I work with don’t know the first thing about building self-confidence unless it involves how many likes their selfie generated. Nor do …

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Tips To Encourage Your Child

How do you encourage your child?  Here are some tips from my HealthyPlace.com blog.  Which ones do you do? Are there some that you want to start encorporating? It helps your child feel secure and builds self-esteem- even teenagers!

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Holiday Gifts That Give Back!

Don't know what to get those special people in your life for the Holidays? Here are some great gift ideas to make your holiday shopping quicker and easier!

When it comes to giving gifts, I always love to buy presents that have a story. What better way to spread holiday cheer to those on your list and those in need than by picking up a present that gives back to charity. There are so many out there, but …

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Helping Her Thive: My Interview on Girls Self-Esteem

It is important to understand the connection between low self-esteem and girls, and how you can help them reach their full potential by empowering them.

With most of our girls headed back to school in the next few weeks, it is important to understand the connection between low self-esteem and girls. Research shows that by the age of 9, a girl’s self-esteem actually begins to decline. There is a shift in focus: outside appearances begin …

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