You May Be Healthy, But Are You Happy?

Self-help, happiness, and fixing negative thinking patterns is a big business these days. Chances are you have spent time in the self-help aisle of your bookstore; researched a perfect pill for your symptoms; or a professional who will help you finally achieve that happy and blissful life you’ve been seeking. The problem is that many of [...]

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Self-Help Books That Teen Girls Will Actually Read

It’s hard to find the right book for your daughter, especailly when she gets her stress-reduction from Instagram or texting with friends.  The truth is, many teen girls I work with don’t know the first thing about building self-confidence unless it involves how many likes their selfie generated. Nor do they know what to do [...]

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Holiday Gifts That Give Back!

When it comes to giving gifts, I always love to buy presents that have a story. What better way to spread holiday cheer to those on your list and those in need than by picking up a present that gives back to charity. There are so many out there, but here are a few of [...]

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