Confidence in the Classroom – KEYE TV Emily Roberts Recently Featured on KEYE TV News Austin Starting a new school year can be intimidating for some teens and tweens. From cliques to communicating with teachers, students need help feeling confident in and outside the classroom. Author and psychotherapist, Emily Roberts joins the KEYE TV News Team with some timely tips to [...]

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Communication Tools with Dr. Michelle Skeen

Emily Roberts Recently Featured on Relationships with Michelle Skeen on Blog Talk Radio Many teen girls feel pressured to be nice, rather than assert their opinions. They may fear being called bossy or pushy when speaking their mind or offering a different point of view. If you have ever stopped yourself from expressing your opinion, [...]

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10 Can’t Miss Tips For Your 1st Online Date

Emily Roberts Recently Featured on TAO of Indifference Have you ever thought to yourself... “Boy, wouldn’t it be great if I could get dating advice from a therapist?” Well lucky for you, that’s exactly what we went out and did! Therapist Emily Roberts, LPC gives the 411 on what guys should do on their first [...]

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Ten Ways You’re Screwing Up Your First Online Date

Emily Roberts Recently Featured on TAO of Indifference Have a date coming up and you’re absolutely terrified that you’ll screw it up? Lucky for you, I called in a special favor from my favorite therapist. In this episode, I’m joined by guest Emily Roberts, LPC. Emily Roberts (aka The Guidance Girl) is a Psychotherapist, Parenting Consultant, Educational Speaker and [...]

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Teen Boy Posed as OB/GYN for a Month

The conversation continues about the teen boy who posed as an OB/GYN for a month at a Florida Hospital. How did this happen? Dr. Drew and Emily Roberts LPC weigh in on the violation of the HIPPA Act and the health and safety of the patients in the hospital.   *   *   * [...]

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