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Emily Roberts works with young girls, women and parents to sort through today’s digital dramas, bullying and societal pressures by teaching girls healthy boundaries, how to cope with stress and proactive ways to support healthy transitions and positive self-esteem.

For Girls & Teens

Emily is seen a seen as mentor by many of the young women she works with. Teenagers see her as an approachable resource to help them successfully navigate friendships, frienemies, anxiety, school stresses, focus issues, organizational issues, digital drama and social media dilemmas, as well as “girl stuff”. She assists girls in developing skills that help them to be their best, finding their true selves, and managing their lives in an environment that allows girls to open up and be heard. Emily meets with girls in various environments; most popular is after school, at a public place or in their homes.

For Women

Emily is your personal therapeutic consultant. Businesses hire consultants to optimize success, meet goals, and function seamlessly; imagine having a personal consultant do the same for you, giving you tools for maximizing success. Different from coaching or traditional therapy; the Emily’s approach meets you where you are now. Rather than rehashing the past or anxiously planning the future, Emily helps you meet your goals for today and helps you to become happier now. Her approach is one that fits with your busy lifestyle: no running to an office on your lunch break, she will meet you.

For Parents

Emily’s professional specialty is in working with adolescents and families; her goal is to help you achieve balance at home and a build a better relationship with your child. Emily offers parents the luxury of being the “liaison”, She understands the adolescent mind and is able to help parents become more aware of how their child may be responding to their current parenting style and home environment. In our work parents will develop new, effective ways to manage their family, communication skills, and strategic interventions that are effective in creating a happier family system. Emily provides psycho-education and support to help increase communication and build a stronger relationship with your child. It is important for parents to understand that the goal is to help the client and the family function optimally.

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