Courage & Confidence Toolkit & Gift Set


Our Courage & Confidence Kit will give you the courage and confidence boost you need to achieve your dreams and goals in life. This crystal toolkit is ideal for those who struggle with self-confidence and will give you the strength to believe in yourself.

This bundle comes with our 6mm Tiger’s Eye Stackable Bracelet,Tiger’s Eye Worry Stone, a powerful gemstone that will help you manifest what you truly desire, a Selenite wand and a stick of Palo Santo. These tools can be used together or individually to ease anxious thoughts, amplify your energy and clear any negative vibrations.

How It Works: Wear the bracelet daily and carry the worry stone to ease your mind and reduce anxiety. Using your thumb, gently massage the surface of the worry stone when you’re feeling worried or overwhelmed to soothe your nervous system. Read below for more info on how these tools can help you.




Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that instills confidence, self-respect, luck and protection, and it will give you the strength to believe in yourself. This gemstone will help you feel motivated and excited about your goals, and it is known to give you the courage and confidence boost you need to achieve them. Tiger’s Eye also increases perseverance and inner strength, and it is said to assist in helping those who wear it manifest what they truly deserve and desire.


Selenite is a beautiful, peaceful stone that carries a very high vibration and helps to promote mental clarity, inner peace and can help to cleanse your surroundings of negative energy.

Selenite can help to clear energy blocks from your aura, your home or from other crystals. It helps you strengthen your intuition, so you can clearly set your intentions.

Because Selenite is so pure and powerful, it rarely needs to be cleansed or charged, but when you place any other bracelet or crystal on it, Selenite will cleanse the gemstones and amplify its positive energy.

To use Selenite, keep it close to your bracelets or crystals, place a piece by your bedside or desk, or carry it in your pocket. You can also move it around your body for quick reset to activate positive energy and thought patterns.


Palo Santo is a sacred wood that is believed to have medicinal, cleansing and therapeutic powers. It helps to inspire creativity and fill your home with positive energy.

Light your Palo Santo stick and allow the smoke to clear and cleanse any negative energy you’ve picked up. It can be a great cleanser for the vibes that surround your aura or in your home. Just simply wave the smoke around your bracelet, your body or your room and you will feel better instantly. Plus, it smells great!


Our worry stones help both children and adults. They can help fidgety children focus at school, reduce test anxiety, help with homework and ease an anxious mind. Many adults and children keep them in their pocket or in their bags to grab when they need extra support and ease stress. Used in therapy offices, classrooms, at home and in the work-space, calming crystals are a quick fix to feel better fast.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in
Give Back:

A percentage of each purchase goes towards funding local girl empowerment organizations.


Place your gemstone bracelets on the Selenite stick, then light the Palo Santo stick and allow the smoke to clear negative energy around your crystals, around you or in your home. Keep the Sodalite worry stone with you at all times.


Due to the natural characteristics of gemstones & palo santo, each stone or palo santo stick may vary slightly in color and pattern compared to the pictures displayed.

Our Gemstones:

All of our raw stones and palo santo sticks are natural and have been sourced for authenticity. These crystals have been individually cleansed of negative energy and charged with positive intentions to help you activate your worth.


Palo Santo, Selenite, Tiger's Eye


Confidence, Courage, Positive Vibes, Protection