Great Graduation Gifts for Your BFF

Can't seem to find a gift cool enough for your graduating BFF? These graduation gifts will be sure to make her remember your friendship forever!

Are you searching for the perfect graduation gifts for your graduating girlfriends? Here are 5 ideas that will wow your BFF and one she will remember forever.  No matter what you’re budget, we’ve got a few unique ideas to make your graduation gifts standout from the crowd of cards and …

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Get Along with Anyone: Tips for Talking With Confidence

Learn how to get along with anyone! Try these tips for talking with confidence even in the face of toxic or negative people.

You likely have someone in mind right now, someone who makes you feel frustrated or disrespected.  Talking with confidence can be difficult with mean, frustrating, aggressive, manipulative or down right rude people. No matter how you say it, they make you feel bad about yourself, especially in teen girl friendships. …

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Self-Help Books That Teen Girls Will Actually Read

5 Self-help books for teen girls and tween girls that help build confidence and self-esteem. Recommended by real girls and therapists.

It’s hard to find the right book for your daughter, especailly when she gets her stress-reduction from Instagram or texting with friends.  The truth is, many teen girls I work with don’t know the first thing about building self-confidence unless it involves how many likes their selfie generated. Nor do …

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7 Ways to Improve Your Confidence Instantly

Every moment matters when it comes to feeling good, thinking positively and believing in yourself. Here are quick tips for building your confidence today.

Are you still stuck on the stupid mistake you made yesterday or worried about something that could happen tomorrow? Every moment matters when it comes to feeling good, thinking positively, building your confidence, and believing in yourself. When you let the negative thoughts control you, it shows! Other people pick …

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