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New Healthy Place Facebook Live: Depression, Bipolar Disorder and ADHD

You’ve got mental health questions and we have your answers. This week’s Facebook Live will be tonight, ask your mental health questions and watch with this link.  How has the Las Vegas shooting affected your mental health? Tonight’s video will be on  Traumatic Stress and Psychological Strain after a Tragedy. These …

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How to Feel More Confident in Any Relationship

If you want to feel confident in a relationship you've gotta read this first. Here are 5 easy ways to become confident in relationships.

In order to feel confident in relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic, you must first feel confident with yourself. It sounds cliché, and yet so many people go into relationships thinking that someone else will complete them, that they’ll automatically feel confident and complete, but that’s BS. The only way …

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Stressed and Overwhelmed: How Stress Affects Your Body & Mind

Many of us are feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than ever before. Here's how you can reduce stress and feel better fast.

Many of us are feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than ever before, and why wouldn’t we be? It’s not easy dealing with the all the responsibilities and expectations in our lives. It’s not just our personal lives, our instant gratification culture leaves us checking emails, responding to texts and worried about …

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My March Reading List: Books I’m Loving Right Now

What are you reading this month? Here is my January reading list. Start getting confident, powerful, and motivated today.

These books helping me big time right now. I’ve been looking for some new tools for more motivation, energy, and happiness (this winter has been harsh y’all) so I’m sharing the ones I just can’t stop raving about. If you are feeling unfulfilled, overscheduled or exhausted there is a book …

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How to Make Friends After College and in Adulthood

Trying to make friends as adults isn't that easy. We graduate, we move to bigger cities, and our social network of friends start to get smaller and smaller.

When I was in college, finding ways to make friends was pretty easy. I could attribute this to the many student clubs I joined, living in the middle of campus in the dorms, being in honors fraternities and attending small classes, some with fewer than 20 students.  We were all staring a chapter …

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Stop Comparing & Embrace Your Imperfections This Year

Nobody's perfect, and comparing yourself to others is just going to lower your self-esteem and make you feel worse. Try these tricks to stop the comparison game now.

Comparing yourself to others will kill your confidence. I used to struggle with this too but learned how to talk back to these thoughts and gain power. I learned to embrace my imperfections, and my life got a whole lot easier. If you want to feel more confident, reach your goals and …

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