Confidence Love Creativity


Garnet enhances love, confidence, creativity and intimacy. It is inspiring and empowering, and it will help improve relationships and your self-worth.

Garnet is game-changer! It increases confidence in relationships of all kinds and amplifies your self-worth. Also known as an intimacy enhancer, Garnet will boost your energy and self-confidence, allowing you feel fierce and fabulous. Using its major manifesting mojo, you’ll connect with yourself on a deeper level and will love the skin you’re in.

Garnet is energizing and empowering making your creativity and confidence soar. Similar to Rose Quartz, Garnet is a stone that inspires, empowers and attracts love, and it helps you develop and attract healthy and exhilarating relationships.

From helping you attract loving relationships to empowering you to do or create what you truly want, Garnet will protect you from negative energy and strengthen your heart’s desires.