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Natalie Delgado is an Advertising and Public Relations Graduate and History Grad Student currently writing her thesis on interwar American Advertising and its affect on gender roles. She is project manager and contributor at The Guidance Girl and Event Coordinator in Soho. Through her primary research into and writing on how society and the media affect confidence and insecurities as well as her time on the dating scene, she understands of how the world can be overwhelming for girls and women of today.

Stressed and Overwhelmed: How Stress Affects Your Body & Mind

Many of us are feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than ever before. Here's how you can reduce stress and feel better fast.

Many of us are feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than ever before, and why wouldn’t we be? It’s not easy dealing with the all the responsibilities and expectations in our lives. It’s not just our personal lives, our instant gratification culture leaves us checking emails, responding to texts and worried about …

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How to Make Friends After College and in Adulthood

How to make friends after college

When I was in college, finding ways to make friends was pretty easy. I could attribute this to the many student clubs I joined, living in the middle of campus in the dorms, being in honors fraternities and attending small classes, some with fewer than 20 students.  We were all staring a chapter …

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14 Tricks for Saving Money During the Holidays

Let's face it. By the time New Year's here, many of us aren't just stressed, we're running out of funds. My 14 tips for saving money during the holidays.

Saving money over the holidays seems impossible, but I’ve found some great tricks that really work. Let’s face it, many of us aren’t just stressed around the holidays, we’re running out of funds. It’s the end of the month, and the expenses have piled on. Holiday parties, travel and buying all …

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The Orlando Tragedy: How You Can Help

What happened in Orlando this weekend will not diminish our love. Love will always win. Here's how you can help.

What happened at Pulse night club, in my hometown of Orlando, seemed like a nightmare. Sadly, we all know it was real and no matter where you live you too feel for those who are suffering. We all feel the pain and hurt, and wish we could help the victims, …

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Quick Ways to Get Organized and Feel Confident

Want to declutter and get organized this year? Try these quick ways to make sure you stay on top of your to-do list.

It’s time to get organized. The new year, winter weather and time spent inside mean it’s a perfect time to get organized. Whether it be your closet, your pocketbook or your home, when you get organized, you are able to feel more confident, happier and it helps you get things done …

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7 Ways to Stay Sane During Finals Week

It's finals week. That means all-nighters, stress and feeling overwhelmed. Here are 7 ways to stay sane this week.

It’s not easy to stay sane during finals week. It’s bad enough to have to study for a cumulative final exam, finish projects and write papers. So how to do you stay sane while managing it all and make good grades? Here are some tips from someone who’s been there.

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Millennials With a Mission: 5 Women Who Are Changing the World

These powerful women are shaping the future through their passion. Here are 5 millennials changing the world you should know.

Millennials sometimes get a bad rep. They’re often referred to as the selfish and lazy generation. But studies show it’s the most open-minded, inspired and creative generation to date. Millennials want to work together, want to change the world and lead by example. These five amazing women are shaping and changing the world all …

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