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Weekly Wisdom: Brought to You by Stress

This week’s Weekly Wisdom is brought to you by Stress – I was inspired to write these weekly posts in order to help you manage tricky and sometimes tough situations with confidence. In my daily life, I encounter stress and feelings of overwhelming frustration often because I’m a human being (just like you). In order for [...]

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How to Feel More Confident in Any Relationship

In order to feel confident in relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic, you must first feel confident with yourself. It sounds cliché, and yet so many people go into relationships thinking that someone else will complete them, that they’ll automatically feel confident and complete, but that’s BS. The only way to truly feel confident (and [...]

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How to Make Friends After College and in Adulthood

When I was in college, finding ways to make friends was pretty easy. I could attribute this to the many student clubs I joined, living in the middle of campus in the dorms, being in honors fraternities and attending small classes, some with fewer than 20 students.  We were all staring a chapter in our lives together, so [...]

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