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  • Being beach body ready means putting on your confidence. Here are five body image boosters to get you ready for the summer.

Are you feeling beach body confident? When you hit the pool or the beach this summer, your confidence can take a hit especially when you’re walking around in a tiny weenie, itty bitty bikini. It’s not uncommon for men and women to feel vulnerable and insecure during the hot summer months. You deserve to feel confident and have fun, instead of body checking and comparing yourself to others. It doesn’t have to take a toll on your confidence level, not if are armed with these beach body confidence boosters.

Magazines and popular culture will tell you to feel beach-body confident, but often times they make you more insecure. Telling readers you’ve got to diet or work out every day. It’s all hype; they just want you to buy the magazine. The reality is, confidence doesn’t come from the suit or the rock-hard body that a Victoria Secret model has: it comes from how you feel and how much fun you are having.

While on vacation recently I noticed many European and South American men and women flaunting their bodies of all shapes and sizes, wearing barely anything to the beach, even thongs. Yes, thongs, like underwear. I was amazed at how beach body confident they appeared. Playing volleyball, eating, running around like little kids, everyone dressed in less than dental floss and they didn’t seem to care. It got me thinking: how can everyone feel more beach body confident?

Boost Your Beach Body Confidence

Want to feel better and more confident in a bathing suit? Here are some tips that don’t involve dieting or stepping foot in a gym.

Size doesn’t matter. You are the only one looking at your perceived flaws. Other people are noticing how much fun you are having, your attitude and your personality. Instead of focusing on your body, focus on why you are at the event, the people you are with and how much fun you want to have. The event you are attending is likely a pool party and not a time for you belittle yourself. Make it about the party, not your body. Focus on the positives if you can, especially if your mind moves to the insecure thoughts.

Let go of insecure body image thoughts. They don’t serve you. Attempt to stop those mean thoughts ASAP. Try to turn your thoughts to gratitude: instead of hating your legs, be thankful you actually have strong legs to support you because some people don’t. If you go to a “flaw,” find a positive trait to counteract it. “I may not like my butt, but I do like my arms.”  The more you focus on what your body does for you, the less likely you will be to get stuck in insecure thoughts.

Stop comparing. No two bodies are the same; we are all unique. The supermodel body you desire isn’t motivating, it’s actually incredibly invalidating and makes you insecure. Comparing your body with others is a lost cause because everyone is different. Instead, notice the comparison thoughts and say “Thanks for reminding me to focus on the positive parts of me.” Use it as a gentle reminder to feel beach body confident.

Beach Body Confidence - Be happy with yourself Don’t diss your body. The words you say matter. The more you complain about your “flaws” or negative body image, the more you begin to believe it. Plus, it makes you appear insecure to others, which is often uncomfortable for them too. Stop pointing out your flaws, it makes your friends think you are noticing their flaws too.

Stay away from those who bash their bodies. Don’t give into that negative energy, don’t pick up on their bad vibes. Instead, notice it and change the subject or casually complement them and move on. Hanging out with guys or girls who constantly put themselves down is going to rub off on you.

Remind yourself that confidence comes from within. Beach body confidence comes from within too.  Embrace the skin you’re in this summer.

Being beach body ready means putting on your confidence. Here are five body image boosters to get you ready for the summer.

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Emily Roberts MA, LPC is The Guidance Girl. Her goal is to help YOU become the most confident person you know! Emily is an award-winning author Express Yourself: A Teen Girls Guide to Speaking Up and Becoming Who You Are, Psychotherapist, TV & Media Contributor, Educational Speaker, and parenting consultant. She travels around the country educating girls, women, and parents. Express Yourself is available at bookstores nationwide and on Amazon. To learn more about Emily click here.

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Emily Roberts LPC is a Psychotherapist, Parenting Consultant, Educational Speaker and Published Author. Her Book Express Yourself: A Teen Girls Guide to Speaking Up and Becoming Who You Are was released in Spring 2015 by New Harbinger Publications. The Guidance Girl is a concept created by Emily as an innovative, powerful approach to help you achieve goals and feel your best by redefining traditional therapy for the girls and women of today.

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