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  • Twitter is full of inspiring people. Here are five women to follow and inspire you today.

Social media is a great place to find inspirational people influencing and changing the world around them to follow on twitter. Ambition and confidence are important for women and girls in this social media world. Here are five women to follow on Twitter not only changing perceptions of women in business and communication but also changing the world for women in the future.

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Women to follow on twitter - Amy Cuddy

Harvard Professor and advocate for the power pose, Cuddy promotes learning not only to look confident but feel it. In her Ted Talk and other interviews, Cuddy shows posing powerfully leads to more respect and internalized power. She teaches how small changing in our pose changes not only how others see us but how we feel about ourselves.

Dr. Cuddy often offers words to live by and things to think about on her twitter feed.


Women to follow on twitter- Caroline Ghosn

Ghosn is a Stanford Graduate as well as Co-founder and CEO of Levo, a startup that focuses on elevating young millennial women in the workforce “by providing the career resources needed to achieve personal and professional success.” Since founding in 2012, Levo has become a social network that helps many millennial women build connections for their careers through job opportunities and professional networking all through Ghosn’s help and connections.

She has been a speaker at the New York Times Women Innovative Mobile Mentorship Panel as well as contributor for The Huffington Post. She also started the #askformore campaign to encourage women to not be afraid to ask for equal pay for equal work.


Women to Follow on Twitter- Natalia Oberti Noguera

Noguera is founder and CEO of Pipeline Fellowship, an organization that helps women entrepreneurs succeed. Noguera focuses on making sure women have a chance to succeed in the work force but opening connections and business opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

She has been listed on Forbes’ “Top 20 Women for Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter” and “25 Latins Who Shine in Tech” as well as Fortune’s “55 most influential women on Twitter.” Follow her for thought-provoking ideas on the workforce.


Women to Follow on Twitter - Sophia Amoruso Girl Boss

Amoruso founded NastyGal on eBay in 2008. Since then, the online retailer has grown into a phenomenon with two stores opening up in Los Angeles this year alone. Nasty Gal developed an online following through social media, eventually named “one of the fastest growing companies” by Inc. Magazine 2012. Amoruso recently published Girl Boss, an autobiography on her rise and was named “a Cinderella of tech” by the New York Times.


Women to Follow on Twitter - Sophia Rivka Rossi

Rossi is co-founder of Hello Giggles, an online community for women dealing with beauty, friendship, pop culture, DIY, pets and style in a positive way. The website has many contributors and has grown into a powerhouse for online tips and articles for teenage girls featuring strong female role models.

Known for her ability to connect with many different types of people, Rossi has earned a reputation for bringing odd people together and always creating positive social media. She recently pushed a book on Besties this year. Follow her for fun and quirky remarks about everyday life and song quotes.


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