Is it Time to Find Another Job?

  • Some jobs are just terrible no matter what you do. Maybe they're exhausting, draining, or even overwhelming. Here's how to know when to find another job.

If you need to find another job or feel like your current one is anything but fulfilling, this post is for you. Unless you’re doing what you love, your job may be more of a downer than a positive part of your week. Jobs can be stressful, exhausting and sometimes even draining. While some jobs pay well or have great benefits, others do more harm to your emotional and physical well-being than what they give in return. So how can you tell if you need to find another job, read on to find out.

It’s all about balance. Your job doesn’t have to be fun. If it is, that’s awesome. Doing something creative that you love may not feel like work. But not all of us are not that lucky. Sometimes jobs are only there to make a living, and that’s okay. It’s called work for a reason. Some jobs can begin to drain your spirits and your emotions. When this happens and when those around you can tell that your job is becoming a problem, it’s time to find another job to protect yourself. If any of these things sound familiar, start to think about finding another job.

How to Tell if it’s Time to Find Another Job

Are You Exhausted All the Time?

This is the easiest to figure out. If your job is overworking you, and you feel and look physically exhausted, that’s a sign you should find another job or express your concern to your employer. Your health is vital. This goes not only for servers or retail workers made to work double shifts for little more than minimum wage but also for those in paid positions or internships that overwork you to a point of exhaustion.

When you’re tired, you don’t process things well. Plus you are more stressed leading to the inability to handle stressful situations. Not to mention your focus suffers. Your boss or those you are working with would rather you be alert and focused at work, but if you’re not given a chance to rest, it’s going to drain you. Working overtime sometimes during hectic periods of time at work is understandable, but if you’re constantly losing sleep it may be time to find another job.

You’re a Downer 

Some places have a great work environment: employees are happy to come to work and enjoy each others company. Superiors are helpful not hurtful. These places tend to have a happy work ethos and people go above and beyond because they care for the good of the company or want to produce the best they can.

Other places are the complete opposite. Negativity breeds negativity. If your  job has people gossiping or fighting, it’s an environment where positive vibes cannot thrive. These places do not get better unless overhauled by management or specific people are removed. If these options look like they will not happen anytime soon, it may time to find another job. Look for places with a great work environment who do not allow for gossiping and tension in the workplace.

You might not think that this negativity is brought to your personal life, but it almost always does. You feel the burden of the tension even if you’re not at work. The negativity makes you start to become more negative in your outlook in life and can even make you become depressed and not want to do anything. Learn the signs of a depression or funk brought on by your job and take care of it before it becomes a larger problem.

You’re Afraid of Repercussions for Things Out of Your Control

Is it time to find another job - woman upset by her computer at workIf you’re afraid of being yelled at or fired at a moment’s notice for things that are beyond your control, you are working in a bad environment. Everyone has had that job where the boss screams or makes rash decisions that affect employees. These employers are not role models or people you look up to; they are bullies. If you fear losing your job or other repercussions, it’s better to just quit. Sometimes a bad manager can completely ruin the vibe of a company or establishment. Maybe they’re disrespectful to female employees, maybe they scream at everyone, or maybe they have you doing multiple jobs that are not in the job description and not paying or thanking you for doing so. These are venomous employers, and you cannot grow as a person or in a company that has someone like this above you.

You Are Disrespected

Much like fearing repercussions in your job, not being respected is incredibly detrimental to a work environment. Listen, so what if you are the intern or the hostess at a restaurant? Always remember you deserve to be respected. If you a dishwasher or director of a movie, any position deserves respect. If you are working for employers that disrespect you by talking down to you or harassing you, get out. Employers sometimes feel entitled from their positions and treat those below them terribly. This is not a work environment you want to put yourself in. Being disrespected, harassed or belittled is extremely detrimental to your self-esteem and psyche. If this is the case, find a place where you are valued and not treated like dirt, no matter how what your position is.

It Takes Over Your Free Days

Is it time to find another job - girl checking her work phone drinking coffeeThis doesn’t mean that you are answering emails outside of work. It means that you don’t feel confident or comfortable asserting yourself. This makes your job take over your life, including your free days which are to decompress and have fun. If you find yourself thinking and dwelling about work when you aren’t even there, it’s time to find another job or place that makes you happy.


Remember, sometimes your job is just not conducive to your well-being and psyche. If your job is doing more harm than good, it’s time to find another job and make yourself happy.

About the Author:

Emily Roberts, M.A., LPC is a Psychotherapist, Parenting Consultant, Educational Speaker and Published Author. Her Book Express Yourself: A Teen Girls Guide to Speaking Up and Becoming Who You Are was published by New Harbinger Publications. The Guidance Girl is a concept created by Emily as an innovative, powerful approach to help you achieve goals and feel your best by redefining traditional therapy for the girls and women of today.

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Do you want to get rid of your insecurities and feel confident in the skin you're in? Who doesn't?! Enter your email now and get a bonus chapter from my book Express Yourself, plus weekly confidence boosters and early access to upcoming projects and events!
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