My Girlfriends Share Their Secrets: 51 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

  • My girlfriends share their advice on how to get out of a funk and into a good mood fast. These 51 tips will have you feeling happy and confident again!

We all can’t get out of a funk now and then. Sometimes the weekends can make it harder to stay positive and upbeat because of all the free time you have.  Or maybe its the downtime in the evening when you actually have moments to think about yourself instead of everything the world demands of you throughout the day. If you get in a bad mood or dwell on negative thoughts, it can keep you indoors and in your head.  

Want to get out of a funk? Doing something that gives you a positive boost or creates a little more control can really push you into positive mindset.  My girlfriends and I collaborated on the ‘get out of a funk’ list below.  Here are 51 new and creative ways to get into a good mood fast.

51 Ways Real Girls Get Out of a Funk

  1. My girlfriends share their advice on how to get out of a funk and into a good mood fast. These 51 tips will have you feeling happy and confident again!Visit a farmers market and buy local vegetables or plants.
  2. “I would suggest making a playlist on Spotify  for an awesome workout mix, your next theme party or even a ‘getting ready mix‘ for a night out.  Have fun maybe even come up with your Ultimate 90’s Mix.”- A.B. 31 years old, New York, NY
  3. Organize a spot in your home: make-up drawer, your side table, even your desk. Make it pretty and find inspiration from blogs or magazines.
  4. “I sell some of the clothes I don’t wear anymore to Buffalo Exchange or put them up on eBay.  It distracts me from whatever is bugging me and I get an instant happiness boost when I get some extra cash.” -J.A. 18 years old, New York, NY
  5. “I love watching spoken word videos. Some are super funny and some are serious but all of them put you in a better mood and get you thinking about something bigger than yourself.  One of my favorites  YouTube: Today Means Amen by Sierra Demulder is a good one.” -R.R. 15 years old, New York, NY
  6. “If I’m feeling bad or in a funk, I look for new ways to make my website more effective or research how other people are marketing themselves. I feel like I get more control over my life and that makes me much happier.” -M.D. 30 Austin, TX
  7. My girlfriends share their advice on how to get out of a funk and into a good mood fast. These 51 tips will have you feeling happy and confident again!Plan a future menu for a dinner party.
  8. “On my way home from work, I love stopping by the pet store near my office.  My apartment wont allow me to have an animal so going in and holding puppies or kittens makes me smile and gives these little fluffy balls some extra attention.  I always leave on a high.” –S.W. 24 years old, New York, NY
  9. Plan a future vacation (even if it’s 5 years away).
  10. “I love babysitting  or playing with my friends kids.  It’s an instant upper to be around little ones.” -J.G. 28 years old,  New York, NY
  11. Visiting bookstore and browsing.  Buy a new book to indulge in later.
  12. Go to breakfast and get something you used to eat as a child. Chocolate chip pancakes anyone? Totally good mood food!
  13. Go see a movie, get lost in the plot and forget about whatever is keeping you from feeling down.
  14. “House hunting.  Not for right now, but driving around and looking online for houses that are for sale is one of my favorite things to do. I get inspired to work harder so I can buy one someday and daydream about how I might decorate it.” –A.L. 33 years old, Austin, TX
  15. My girlfriends share their advice on how to get out of a funk and into a good mood fast. These 51 tips will have you feeling happy and confident again!Draw or paint. Get the Crayola’s out and get creative. 
  16. “I like to go on Pinterest and then the craft store.  I get inspired to make a gift for a friend or family member (or myself) and then go get the supplies if I don’t already have them. I forget about whatever is bothering me and feel proud of myself for making something unique.” -A.S. 17 years old, Austin, Texas
  17. “SoulCycle or a spinning class always puts me in an amazing mood.” -J.N. 21 years old, New York, NY
  18. Research a topic of interest:  New restaurants in town, how-to blog, juicing, whatever floats your boat.
  19. “I use my social media to try and uplift my followers. I’ll post a poem, inspirational quote, or one of my favorite pictures.  It makes me feel good to know that other people feel better after seeing my posts.  Also, it forces me to think about something other than whats bugging me.” -A. S. 15 years old, Brooklyn, NY
  20. Go to a yard sale, vintage store, thrift store and look around for fun pieces for your home or your closet.   
  21. “I like to take a break from typical movies or TV shows and watch a documentary on something that gets me thinking.  It’s hard to focus on your problems when you watch something that educates you or inspires you to take action.  I just watched Food Inc.  Go see it!” -B.B. 31 years old, New York, NY
  22. “Trying a new workout class: try ClassPass for huge discount on the hottest studios. They even give out special offers to ones that you’ve wanted to try but are just too expensive. 10 classes for $100.00 is a great way to get in shape and try something fun and new.” -L.H. 27 years old, Houston, TX
  23. DIY Spa Day: make a homemade beauty mask or get a ton of recipes from Alexis Wolfer’s new book Recipe for Radiance for awesome beauty and nutrition tips. Nothing will help you get out of a funk more than a little self-care.
  24. My girlfriends share their advice on how to get out of a funk and into a good mood fast. These 51 tips will have you feeling happy and confident again!Write anything.  Journal, blog, write articles (you don’t have to submit them) just let the pen or the keyboard flow with your awesome ideas.
  25. Clean out your closet and donate to girls: those prom dresses,  Bar Mitzvah and bridesmaid dresses you’ll never wear again give to  Operation Prom or Donate My Dress.
  26. Go to a comedy show; it will instantly make you smile. Most are super inexpensive and some are even free! 
  27. “Shopping for a killer deal. Nothing makes me happier than finding an amazing piece that is discounted, and then discounted again.  Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, and TJ Maxx can get you focused on finding something and forgetting about your funk.” -S.L. 30 years old, Austin, TX
  28. Sightseeing: find tourist spots in your city and look at your town from a new perspective.
  29. “Get your green thumb on. Whether you have a backyard or a window that gets a little light, look for herbs and plants to put in.  Digging in the dirt is therapeutic and making a part of your home bloom is an instant happiness booster.  Go to your local hardware store or farmers market and grab a few plants and pots, it will make you happier all season long, and get you out of your head.” –B.B. 30 years old, New York, NY
  30. Explore your local art scene. Check out museums, plays, or local studios that promote your neighbors and future friends.  Get out of your head and  get cultured.
  31. My girlfriends share their advice on how to get out of a funk and into a good mood fast. These 51 tips will have you feeling happy and confident again!Enjoy early morning coffee with a newspaper or while reading a book.
  32. Go to new coffee shops and work. There is a new app called CUPS, a mobile app that connects coffee drinkers with independent cafes for steep discounts. Your first month is FREE- yeah that’s right all you can drink for nada.  It’s free so grab your laptop, get out of your routine and get to a new shop for some caffeine.  Going to new places instantly has you focused on the now rather than the past.
  33. “I go shopping for upcoming birthday presents, Mother’s Day, and baby showers. It helps me think about others and not myself.  Plus I love wrapping them.” –N.R. 32 years old, Austin, TX
  34. Make a list of goals (non judgmentally) for this week, this month, and this year.
  35. Go bike riding, hiking, or running on a new route.  The Vitamin D is good for you and it forces you to get out of your head.
  36. Be a photographer: use your apps and your phone to capture your neighborhood in a new way. Look for new photo apps and share them on your social media sites.
  37. Play with animals, borrow a friends or go to a dog park and talk to people about their pups. It is an instant boost of happiness to hold a dog or just see them having fun. 
  38. My girlfriends share their advice on how to get out of a funk and into a good mood fast. These 51 tips will have you feeling happy and confident again!“I like to revamp recipes to make them healthier.  Sometimes I look for them online and then go to the store to get the ingredients.  Or I just make my own up and see how they turn out.  I have to focus on what I am doing, which makes forget about everything else.” –S.R. 26 years old, Austin, TX
  39. “I like to listen to a podcast or a book on iTunes that is about spirituality or motivation. It distracts me from my current problems and helps me see that there is more to life then the silly thing I’m stressing over.” -K.C. 25 years old, New York, NY
  40. Go to the park, have a picnic or people watch.
  41. Meditate or take a yoga class. Get grounded, centered, and out of your head.
  42. “A manicure or massage (sometimes both) helps me feel relaxed and also reminds me to give myself some love. Even if it’s just a quick 10-20 chair massage, I leave feeling recharged and ready to go out into the world.” E.R. 30 years old, New York, NY
  43. girls eating food.My girlfriends share their advice on how to get out of a funk and into a good mood fast. These 51 tips will have you feeling happy and confident again!Grab a friend, get dressed up and go to brunch.
  44. Think about your good qualities, write them down, make a list and put them on your mirror.
  45. Take a bubble bath. Get some bubbles, grab some candles and make your bathroom a zen experience. 
  46. Sit and eat at a restaurant outside.
  47. Reflect on how you’ve improved since last year. When you see where you were and where you are now, you won’t find it difficult to get out of a funk. 
  48. “7 Minute Workout.  Just download it for free on your phone or computer.  In 7 Minutes I feel so much better.” -C.L. 30 years old, New York, NY
  49. “I track my steps with Fitbit and go on a new walking route through my neighborhood. It makes me motivated to workout, and I find places I never know existed. I usually forget about whatever is bothering me within 5 minutes!” –M.A. 26 years old, Brooklyn, NY
  50. Find a charity online that you want to volunteer with or give a few extra bucks too.  Contributing to a cause will help you get out of your head and helping others.
  51. “I think about women I want to be like, those who inspire me.  I do some research on female boxers, feminists who make a difference, and women who are making changes. It helps me get re-energized and forget about my problems.  I focus on my bigger purpose, instead of my minor funk.” -C.L. 31, New York, NY.

What do you do to get out of a funk?  Add your ideas below and help us come up with 100 ideas to get out of a funk.


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