5 Easy Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

It’s the most stressful, time of the year. Lets be honest friends, holiday stress is real. And it doesn’t end at the beginning of the New Year. Even a little holiday stress can become a big health problem if you let it build up. But I’ve got five easy ways to reduce stress and improve your [...]

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How I Communicate with Confidence in Conflicts

I don’t always communicate with confidence. If I’m tired, annoyed or anxious about something I may slip into some old, and frankly unproductive ways of expressing myself.  I have trained myself to become more skillful and assertive, meaning I try to think about all sides of the situation before I say a word or pause before I [...]

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How Can I Feel More Confident When Dating?

People ask me all the time how to feel confident when dating. It’s hard and can be trying on your self-esteem. The whole dating process can be an awesome way to get know yourself better or it can be a confidence killer. The process of putting yourself out there, being a bit vulnerable and hoping to [...]

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